Wireless Smoke Detector: High-Precision, Photoelectric

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Ensure your home's safety with the Roombanker Wireless Smoke Detector, featuring advanced photoelectric technology for high-precision smoke detection. Designed to alert you at the earliest signs of a fire, this detector is an essential component of any home security system, providing peace of mind and protection for you and your loved ones.

With a loud 80 dB siren, the smoke detector ensures that you are alerted immediately, no matter where you are in your home. The device also features tamper protection, securing it against unauthorized removal and ensuring continuous operation.

The smoke detector is easy to manage remotely through the RB Link App, allowing you to set up, test, and monitor the device's performance directly from your smartphone. Signal strength detection and low battery notifications keep you informed about the detector's status, ensuring it's always ready to protect your home.

Featuring a sleek design with dimensions of 90 × 37 mm and weighing just 103.8 g, this smoke detector blends seamlessly into any home decor. It's compatible with the Roombanker Home Security Hub-Station, ensuring easy integration into your existing home security system.

Included in the package are the Smoke Detector and a Quick Start Guide, making installation straightforward. With certifications from CE and FCC, and a warranty covering replacement and repair within 24 months (excluding batteries), the Roombanker Wireless Smoke Detector is a reliable choice for safeguarding your home against fire hazards.


Our smoke detector incorporates a built-in battery, ensuring long-lasting real-time standby detection. With its wireless design and simple structure, it can be easily and aesthetically installed on the ceiling.

Exceptional Design for Performance Excellence

Utilizing advanced photoelectric sensing technology, the smoke detector can precisely detect smoke concentrations, issuing an immediate alarm when the threshold is reached. This prompt alert notifies users to contact emergency services, extinguish the fire, or evacuate the premises, reducing or averting potential losses. Furthermore, the smoke detector is constructed using flame-retardant materials, ensuring safety and peace of mind. Its high temperature resistance allows it to withstand challenging environments.

Adhesive or Screw Mount for Optimal Detection Efficiency

The smoke detector supports both adhesive and screw installation, allowing you to choose based on your preference. To ensure optimal detection results, we recommend installing the detector horizontally in the middle of the ceiling. This positioning maximizes its detecting effectiveness and ensures the best possible safety coverage for your space.

Enhanced Fire Prevention Through Home Security Hub Integration

The smoke detector features an independent working method, which triggers an immediate alarm when the smoke concentration surpasses the preset threshold. The built-in buzzer emits a loud 80dB alarm sound and the red indicator flashes rapidly. This alarm information is also transmitted to the Home Security Hub for further action.

Upon receiving the alarm signal, the Home Security Hub takes immediateaction. lt can command other smart devices, such as cutting off the power to the oven, and promptly push the alarm information to the mobile app for instant notification and further response.

Tampering Alarm Secures Your Home with Confidence

The smoke detector has tampering protection alarm mechanism. In the event of loose installation or deliberate vandalism, the tampering alarm is promptly triggered, and the information is instantly pushed to the mobile app.

Quick and Straightforward Smoke Detector Setup

Activating the smoke detector is incredibly straightforward. With just three easy steps and by using our mobile app RB-Link configuration, you can swiftly set it up and make it ready to work. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind in no time.

Open the app to add devices.

Power on the device and hold the registration button

The device is registered successfully.

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Wilson
Reliable Early Warning System

Smoke Detector has proven to be a reliable early warning system for fire hazards. Its advanced photoelectric technology ensures high-precision detection, and the loud siren ensures that I'm alerted immediately in case of any danger, brilliant

Thank you, Daniel, for your kind words! We're delighted to hear that our Wireless Smoke Detector has provided you with a reliable early warning system for fire hazards. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we're glad we could provide you with a dependable solution. We're committed to delivering high-quality and convenient safety devices for your home. Stay safe and enjoy the peace of mind!

Lucy Johnson
Love it

tamper protection and remote management through the RB Link App make it incredibly convenient to use.

Thank you, Lucy, for your fantastic review! We're thrilled to hear that our Wireless Smoke Detector has provided you with peace of mind and essential home safety. Your family's safety is our top priority, and we're glad we could deliver a reliable and convenient solution for you. Your trust in Roombanker is greatly appreciated. Stay safe and enjoy the peace of mind!

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