Relay - Remote & Button Control, Smart Scene Automation, Secure Communication, Requires Roombanker Hub

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Elevate your smart home or security system with the Roombanker RBF Relay Module, ingeniously designed for comprehensive control over your power supplies, ranging from 6 to 36 V⎓. This module offers unparalleled convenience, merging physical button control with sophisticated app-based management through the RB Link App, and enabling smart scene automation that reacts to various system triggers.

Whether controlling lighting systems, security apparatus, or any other power-dependent setups, this relay module stands out for its flexibility and reliability. It employs cutting-edge RBF wireless technology to guarantee secure and encrypted communication across distances up to 1,900 meters, ensuring your control remains unhindered, anywhere within your property.

Accompanied by intuitive usage indicators, including a distinctive blue light for relay status and comprehensive signals for effortless setup and troubleshooting, the RBF Relay Module simplifies smart home automation. It's energy-efficient, supporting a maximum load of 5 A at 24 V⎓, while its design minimizes power consumption and noise, enhancing its operation.

Compact (40mm × 35mm × 20mm) and lightweight (25.7g), it is designed for seamless integration into your home environment. The package includes the Relay Module and a detailed Quick Start Guide, ensuring an easy setup process.

Certified by CE, FCC, ICASA, and supported with a 24-month warranty, the Roombanker RBF Relay Module represents a pinnacle of reliability and functionality in home automation. Note, the seamless and full-featured integration of this module requires a Roombanker Hub, making it a potent addition to your smart home ecosystem.


With a smart relay, there is no need to replace the existing low-voltage devices in your spaces. By connecting them to the smart relay and making a simple modification, you can quickly achieve intelligent control and embark on a smart lifestyle.

Smart Scene Linkages to Customize Smart Space Automation

Through the RB-Link APP, you can set up a variety of linkage methods between Smart Relay and other devices, such as by trigger, by manual control, by schedule, etc., allowing you to enjoy smart life every day.

Power Loss Recovery: Previous State Restoration Made Easy

The Smart Relay offers power-off data protection. It has the ability to automatically restore the switch state to its previous setting before the outage. This means that when the power is restored, there is no need for reconfiguration or manual intervention.

Assessing Signal Quality for Ideal Smart Relay Placement

The smart relay has signal strength detection capability, enabling quick determination of ideal installation spot by assessing the signal quality.

Install the Smart Relay with Ease and Elegance

The sleek, compact design of the smart relay (40x35x20 mm) makes it easy to connect to control systems for electric curtains or garage doors

Top-notch Radio Transmission Technology- RBF

The Smart Relay utilizes the high-performance RBF protocol, ensuring secure two-way encrypted communication with the Home Security Hub. With a communication range of up to1900 meters, it is perfect for installations in apartments, villas, and small shops.

Three Steps to Register and Use the Smart Relay

Registering and using smart relay has never been easier. Just follow these three simple steps using the accompanying RB-Link app, you’re all set to register the device and enjoy the smart functionalities.

Open the app to add devices.

Power on the device.

(Professional installation and wiring are recommended.)

The device is registered successfully.

Smart Relay FAQs

Customer Reviews

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Charlie Evans
Reliable and Convenient Automation

the comprehensive signals for setup and troubleshooting have been incredibly helpful.

Thank you, Charlie, for your fantastic review! We're delighted to hear that our RBF Relay Module has exceeded your expectations in terms of reliability and convenience. Your satisfaction and trust in our product's features mean a lot to us. We're committed to providing reliable and convenient automation solutions for your smart home. Stay connected and enjoy the convenience!

Emily Davies
Simplify Your Smart Home

With its combination of physical button control and app-based management, I have complete control over my power supplies. I wish I bought sooner

Thank you, Emily, for your fantastic review! We're thrilled to hear that our RBF Relay Module has simplified your smart home experience. Providing convenience and control is what we aim for, and we're glad we could deliver that for you. Your trust in Roombanker is greatly appreciated. Stay connected and enjoy the convenience!

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