Our retail shop and store solutions features multi-user and multi-area cooperative management, as well as strong anti-interference capability, catering to various operational needs in commercial shops and stores. Our solution is going to help retail shop and store owners to confidently combat professional theft and burglar teams, safeguarding their businesses against potential breaks-ins.

Powerful Intrusion Prevention

Powerful detectors could protect your business against threat such as theft, robbery or other accidents that could occur during off-hours.

A wide range of environmental monitoring detectors ensure fire and water safety and prevent property damage from potential risks.

Visual verification for quick verification and to facilitate evidence.

Multi-role Collaboration Management

Support up to 32 local users and 32 app users for orderly partition management, balance the efficiency and security of authority simultaneously.

Keep you informed about the real-time and historical logs such as alarm, malfunction, event and operation, as well as receiving the instant notification such as duress alarm, to protect personal safety of employees silently.

Define your own energy saving automation

Empower you by providing real-time consumption data on when and where energy is being used, enable you to identify opportunities for savings.

Intelligent dashboard help users to check the trend of electricity consumption quickly and take corresponding measures on time.

Support custom scenes to DIY your own energy saving solutions in a flexible and easy of-use way (by Smart Device / by Scheduled / by Manual).

Stable, Secure and Wide Coverage with RBF

Up to 3,500m ultra-long wireless transmission range (in open space) ensures a stable and reliable protection for even multistory shops.

Up to 50 channels frequency hopping keeps your system secure and stable at all times even against the intruders with professional jammers.

AES-CCM data encryption technology prevents the illegal parsing of data and ensures the security of your data transmission.

Roombanker Businesses Solution Topology

Our Shop & Store Solution mainly use RFB, Zigbee and BLE technology to collect data from intrusion detection system, indoor automation system, and energy management system, etc., and upload the info via aHome Security Hubto the Roombanker. Users can view status update and remotely operate via ourRB-Link app. The entire system topology aims to brings convenience and efficiency to your fingertips.

Solution For Every Area

Our all-inclusive smart shop solution is made to meet the particular requirements of various sections of your stores. It provides an efficient combination of mart security alarm system, intelligent automation, and sustainable energy management.

Door Entrance Challenges

Concern: Security

Ensuring entrance security is the top need for retail shop and store owners. A highly-secured entrance security system could prevent issues such as theft and vandalism, and safeguard the premises, assets, and inventory.


Detects any abnormal door openings during off-work periods while the system is armed, providing an alert for potential intrusions;

Detects any knocking or vandalism attempts, triggering an alarm to warn against intrusion;

Authorized employees can quickly arm and disarm the designated areas they are responsible for. In the event of forced disarmament, a Duress Code can be used to activate a silent alarm, ensuring swift response and assistance.

Shopping Area Challenges

Dilemma 1: Security vs Privacy

Managing and monitoring shopping space with large area presents a significant challenge.

Dilemma 2: Complicated Energy Management

Numerous electrical gadgets as well as lighting and air conditioning systems in the shopping area lead to consume excessive energy consumption, high utility bills, and complex management processes.


A Comprehensive System to Make Spaces Safer and Smarter

Wide-angle detection of 110° and a long-distance capability of 12m to detect and and notify any abnormal intrusion in the shopping area.

After remote authentication, users can speak to invaders remotely through the speaker, deterring their intrusion.

Capture images when someone invades the shopping area and the PIR sensor is activated. Meanwhile, users will receive push notifications on the mobile app for reviewing and authenticating the captured images.

Monitor the ambient environmental parameters and automatically adjust the indoor temperature and humidity levels, via the multi-scene linkage with air conditioners, heating systems, humidifiers, etc., ensuring a comfortable shopping experience while optimizing energy consumption.

Work in synergy to monitor power consumption in real time and enable users to make informed decisions about their energy usage and customize energy-saving plans.

Checkout Challenges

Checkout counter might be susceptible to potential property and personal dangers, such as the risk of robbery.


Installed under the checkout counter to trigger the alarm and ensure prompt assistance during dangerous or emergency situations.


Installed under the checkout counter to trigger the alarm and ensure prompt assistance during dangerous or emergency situations.

Inventory Challenges

Challenge 1

Managing inventory storage and access can be a complex and personnel-resource-intensive task.

Challenge 2

Lack real-time inventory monitoring, automated processes, and have potential electricity safety risk and energy consumption waste.


Smoke Detector to detect whether there is heavy smoke in the kitchen;

Monitor the inventory environment in real time and promptly detect potential fire risks caused by abnormal power consumption such as overheating and overloading

Customize scene linkage, such as turning on/off lights through the triggering of door magnet sensor, in order to achieve automated control, energy saving and , and enhanced convenience;

Remote review and operation can by conducted by RB-Link app, like turning off lights.

Business Security Solution FAQs