With an innovative security alarm system as the cornerstone, Roombanker smart apartment solution combines intrusion alarm, environmental comfort and security monitoring, energy management together, in order to create a more secure and comfortable living environment for users.

Live Effortlessly and Stay Secure with Advanced Technology

Installation is now simpler than ever thanks to ultra-long-range wireless technology (RBF), which enables users to install wireless devices anywhere.

Industry-leading detection technologies reduce false alarm to the minimum, you don't have to worry about false alarm caused by your pets with pet-immunity.

Visual verification safeguards both the security and privacy simultaneously.

Multi-system Management

All-in-one management with only one app (Intrusion Detection, Home Automation, Environmental Monitoring, Energy Management, Healthcare)

Support custom scene to DIY your home with intelligent linkage automation (by Manual Click / by Schedule / by Smart Devices)

Future-proof by Continuous Enrichment

Open to integrated with multiple platforms such as Alexa, IFTTT (coming soon)

Future-proof with OTA makes it possible to connect more devices and expand system without replacing or changing your exist system, to keep your home safer and smarter. (Smart Meter, Smart Lock, etc.)

Rooombanker Apartment Solution Topology

Whether it’s Zigbee, BLE, or RBF devices, or multiple scenes such as intrusion detection, energy management, and environmental monitoring, with a Home Security Hub and a RB-Link app, the whole-house multi-scene management brings convenience and efficiency to your fingertips.

Solution For Every Room

Each room presents its unique security challenges, and we provide smart apartment solutions specifically customized to meet the specific needs and challenges of each room.

Entrance Challenges

Concern 1: Security

Security is a major concern in apartment access control system, requiring effective measures to prevent issues such as burglary and intrusion.

Concern 2: Accidents

Frequently being locked out due to forgotten or lost keys causes inconvenience and frustration to residents.


Enhance Security and Convenience with Smart Access Solutions

Access your living space via fingerprint and keypad unlocking.

Detects any abnormal opening of the main door. | Monitor apartment access in real-time and remotely operate it.

Living Room Challenges

Dilemma 1: Security vs Privacy

Monitoring indoor scenes requires safeguarding individuals without compromising the privacy rights of individuals.

Dilemma 2: Complicated Energy Management

The living room, with its large activity area and numerous electrical appliances, presents a complex challenge in multiple device energy management.

Solution: Visual Verification

PIRCAM moment capturing is designed to activate only when the PIR sensor is triggered, enhancing security while protecting privacy.

Bedroom Challenges

Bedroom automation often requires voice control and integrated entertainment systems. However, with numerous smart home brands and separate ecosystems, compatibility challenges arise, forcing users to make tough choices.


The hub supports Zigbee and BLE to ensure compatibility with various devices. Alexa integration supported as well.

Panic button can be pressed to trigger emergency alarm, enabling family members to take timely measures.


The hub supports Zigbee and BLE to ensure compatibility with various devices. Alexa integration supported as well.

Panic button can be pressed to trigger emergency alarm, enabling family members to take timely measures.

Kitchen Challenges

The kitchen poses potential safety hazards due to the use of fire and electricity.


Fire Prevention to Extinguish Risks: When a smoke detector detects prolonged heating and excessive smoke from the microwave oven, it will send an instant alert to the Home Security Hub, which in turn activates the alarm siren and commands the smart plug to cut off power supply.

Smoke Detector to detect whether there is heavy smoke in the kitchen;

Alarm Siren sounds a loud alarm to alert occupants;

Smart Plug turns off the power to kitchen appliances;

Bathroom Challenges

Bathrooms often suffer from leaking pipes or overlooked faucets, causing trouble and unnecessary wasting water.


Water Leak Prevention to Safeguard Property: Water leak detector monitors for leaks and water immersion, and triggers immediate alerts when necessary. It can also integrates with water valves for automatic shut-off, minimizing water waste.

Water Leak Detector to detect water leaks and trigger alarms.

Apartment & Security Alarm Solution FAQs