RB LinK - Define your space in your way with one App

Beginner-friendly Intuitive Interface Design

It can easily connect BRF, Zigbee, and Bluetooth devices via the Smart Hub, and integrate intrusion detection, environmental monitoring, home automation, energy management on one hub. This enables unified management, one-click operations, and unparalleled convenience.

Beginner-friendly Intuitive Interface Design

Whether you’re a first-time user or a technical novice, the RB Link app boasts a user-friendly interface to make you get started quickly and easily. There is no need for professional technical knowledge. Just simply follow the app’s guidance to install and configure devices in just a few easy steps.

Simply scan the QR code to add the Smart Hub.

Batch device adding function helps efficient deployment of the entire home security system.

RB Link visualizes signal strength, indicating the optimal installation location for best performance.

Arming and Disarming Made Simple and Efficient with RB Link

RB Link allows you to execute various arming and disarming operations with flexibility and efficiency. In arming mode, each smart device will automatically monitor abnormal conditions in the space and send you alerts in time to ensure your space safety.

One-key arming/disarming
Delayed arming for a leisurely departure
Personalized arming (e.g. night arming)
Multi-user management up to 69 accounts

Instant Alarm and Real-time Notification

You can customize various event alarms and notifications via RB Link. Each event alarm message is visually differentiated with specific icons for easy identification. Once an alarm is triggered, RB Link will promptly receive the information, allowing you to view and address it anytime, anywhere. Stay connected and ensure swift action to protect your family’s safety.

Build Your Own Exclusive Smart Security

The entire security system of Roombanker is designed with user-friendly DIY features. Through the RB Link app, you have the flexibility to customize various automated scene linkage according to your unique preferences. At the same time, you can share these configurations with your family and friends for collaborative management.

Energy-Efficient Living & Effortless Comfort at Your Fingertips

RB Link can show the operating status of Wall Switch, Relay, Smart Plug and other devices, while monitor real-time power usage and consumption of household equipment, with intuitive displays for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual power data. Users can set total power consumption thresholds and receive timely reminders as you take charge of every kilowatt hour, making energy usage truly manageable.

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